We transform clinical and financial outcomes by increasing access to elite physicians.


Through telemedicine, Access Physicians extends the reach of the highest quality doctors, putting their capacity to work. 

Patients get immediate access to the specialty care they need. Health systems can offer more coverage at a lower cost. Care teams are more empowered and supported. And physicians get to do more of what they love most - provide timely, quality care.


Facilities can save more than 30% on physician coverage costs vs. traditional in-person coverage.

Our clients average a 40% reduction in the need for transfers to a higher level of care vs. in-person care.

9 out of 10 patients would recommend Access Physicians to a family member or friend.


what we address

In-house coverage is expensive. 

Fractured health systems suffer from waste and redundancy of services, coupled with the inability to scale clinical service lines.

Too few quality physicians are available.

Both rural and urban facilities struggle to find and retain quality physicians as demand for specialty care continues to rise.

Poor outcomes cost money and lives.

Managing care for high acuity, deteriorating and Site Neutral patients is challenging, hard on patients and the bottom line.

Telemedicine hasn't yet delivered.

Tools are often expensive, uncoordinated and unreliable, fueling clinician fears about the inferiority of care via telemedicine.

Success Stories

“Access Physicians saved my life and I know it will save countless others. This is one of the best things to happen to our community, ever. I can never tell them thank you enough for giving me my life!”
— Natalie from Texas

Physician ServiceS +

Control the cost of coverage.

We are a physician-founded elite medical group providing expanded access to specialty care for the sickest patients.


Drive clinical outcomes.

Scalable, clinical programs complement your existing physician workforce to deliver comprehensive care.


Expand access to care.

HIPAA-compliant telemedicine carts and stations - built by physicians, for physicians - optimize the ideal patient encounter.

“Telemedicine allows us to have conversations at the right time, which we’ve seen dramatically improve the satisfaction level of families and help us keep patients in our hospitals.”
— Market CEO
“I’m in awe of what Access Physicians has done for our community and residents. We’re not just a small rural hospital anymore. I would put our care up against anyone. Telemedicine has allowed us to save lives.”
— Chief Nursing Officer
“Access Physicians has been the most effective initiative in improving satisfaction from all levels of care, with an immediate impact.”
— Chief Clinical Officer

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?