One of the hardest things in medicine is to scale a clinical program. 

It involves quality measures, a complicated cast of characters, complex modalities and care delivery protocols. We understand this because we are a physician group. 

Yet, we successfully implemented telemedicine in both rural and urban geographies, inpatient and outpatient settings, and in short-term acute and post-acute clinical settings including LTACHs and SNFs. It's a process that is now patent-pending.

The hallmark of that success has been our ability to create scalable clinical programs and preserve quality as we grow with you across facilities, systems and borders.



We start with the end in mind - your clinical and financial goals - to understand what’s driving your program. After establishing a baseline of your current state, we work toward achieving those metrics in a stepwise fashion.


Everything we do is customized, not cookie cutter. No program is ever one size - or one procedure - fits all. Real medicine isn’t practiced that way. 

We build highly customized programs, starting with your specific, clinical needs. These unique programs ensure we meet your goals and have the quality standards and clinical workflows in place for all scenarios, from care to handoff to discharge.

Outcomes-centered goalS

Many of our clients look to us for their own program assessment. We track and monitor performance in ways unavailable to many health systems. Together we establish key clinical outcomes, and our physicians capture critical data to measure progress in real time.

6 weeks to launch playbook

Working together, we follow our playbook to ensure you’ll go live in 6 weeks - from installation to training. We meet on the ground to win hearts and minds, and then maintain that high-level of engagement with weekly meetings and manageable milestones.

Winning hearts and minds

Because we are practicing physicians, we meet directly with your physicians, nursing staff and other clinical teams to share details about the program, discuss capabilities and case volume, and field every question - often converting detractors to endorsers within a single meeting!

Licensing, credentialing and insurance

For telemedicine, our physicians need to be licensed in the location of their own feet, and the location of their patients’ feet. As part of our launch process, we take care of all licensing, credentialing and insurance.

Legal expertise

We are successfully practicing telemedicine in compliance with Medicare regulations and state and federal legislation. From Fair Market Value to reimbursement, we’ve done it. We’ve already cleared these hurdles with some of the largest health systems in the US, so we know what your team is going to need and when. 

Comprehensive pre-launch training

Before we go live, one of our nurse educators will complete an on-site training with your team on how to effectively manage a telemedicine encounter. The training includes hands-on time with the Access Cart for each member, as well as an easy-to-follow handbook.

performance analytics

Each month, you receive a Data Card reporting progress toward your unique goals. It includes key metrics for your stakeholders including clinical outcomes, financial results, client satisfaction and technology performance.

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?