We are a physician-founded medical group of doctors handpicked for telemedicine.

Our founders, two cardiologists and a pulmonary & critical care physician, were frustrated by the limited access to timely, quality care in rural geographies, LTACHs and SNFs.

They handpicked leading board-certified and board-eligible clinicians, and put them through a proprietary training to scale delivery of their elite care through telemedicine.

Today we manage our physicians and telemedicine programs the same way we doctor: with a commitment to unleash expertise, data and technology in collaborative, multidisciplinary, decision making. 



Primary Care


Cross Coverage
General Neurology and Acute Stroke
Pulmonary and Critical Care


Handpicked, board-certified physicians

Our board-certified physicians come from the top medical schools and worked in leading health systems. To join our practice, every doctor on our staff has to have been referred by a current, credentialed Access Physicians physician.

Organic growth means we never have to rely on recruiters, and lets us draw from top talent to keep exposure risk low and physician quality - and job satisfaction - high. All providers are state-licensed where they practice, and where your patients are located.

Affordable FULL OR FRACTIONAL coverage

Think you can’t afford more specialties or cross coverage? Telemedicine allows us to scale our physician to serve more facilities each day. From 10-hours overnight coverage to 24/7 tele-ICU, we build a schedule and pay as you go.

When replacing in-house physicians with our specialists via telemedicine, we’ve seen hourly price reductions of at least 30% with a reduction in RTAs as high as 50%.


We created a proprietary telemedicine training which includes how to communicate and collaborate in real-time, online. Each Access Physicians doctor completes specialized, one-on-one training on the nuances of telemedicine and our etiquette protocols, which ensure consistent, positive experiences for patients and staff.

This training was formalized into the first telemedicine curriculum in the U.S. to receive accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

Immediate diagnostic and therapeutic decisions

Patients require the right care in the right time. Each day in the hospital is a cost, so Length of Stay (LOS) must be managed better than ever before. Through telemedicine, our physicians are immediately on the case from the moment the patient arrives and the clinical program is designed to minimize LOS and maximize DRG reimbursements.

passion for post-acute

For many physicians, their last stop of the day is your facility, and frankly, many don’t want to be there. We do. For us, it’s the destination. While we are passionate about providing care across the continuum, we come alive when treating complex, high-acuity, patients in post-acute care settings. 

Higher-acuity and site neutral patients

Many of our clients thought they would always have to transfer sicker patients. When we work together, you don’t have to transfer - you can see them on-site, and avoid fractured care and stress. Through telemedicine, we have treated:

  • A-Fib with RVR, DC cardioversion
  • Acute Stroke (TPA + Interventional Referral)
  • Acute Pulmonary Embolism
  • End of Life Management
  • Code Blues
  • Acute Respiratory Failure (all etiologies)
  • Septic Shock
  • Cardiogenic Shock
  • Therapeutic Hypothermia

Peer review

We are part of your medical staff, just like any other doctor. If something needs a formal peer review, it goes through the medical staff process you currently have in place. Our group has very high accountability standards for our providers so if an issue arises, we will address it directly with your Medical Executive Committee.

leadership programs

We select physician leaders within our group who focus on program development at your facility. Physician-led programs bridge the gap between administration and the physician workforce to align incentives and ensure compliance with system initiatives.

Our successful programs have included Chief Medical Officer, Medical Informatics Director, Quality Director, ICU Director, Telemedicine Director, Transitional Care Director, Cardiology Director, Cardiac Rehab Director, Cath Lab Director, Pulmonary Director and more.

First-name basis

Our physicians quickly become integral members of your care team. We group our specialists in dedicated pods, so they get to know your staff on a first name basis. While we target complex care, it’s important to us to work with you to maintain relationships with your team, and patients, across the continuum.

Proactive communication

Key to improving outcomes is being proactive, not reactive, so we can rapidly evaluate any clinically significant change and intervene. We flip the communication convention: our physicians proactively contact your on-site staff to huddle before and during each shift. The result? Better communication that catches issues sooner, improves outcomes and keeps staff engaged.

Work in your EMR

If it’s not in your EMR, it didn’t happen. Our physicians work in your EMR in real-time so there's no need for complicated data integration with yet another third party software. It also helps establish rapport with your on-site clinical team, so we can access your staff notes and histories, and vice versa, continuing that care conversation by providing our own documentation after each telemedicine encounter.

Post shift surveys

Each Access Physicians physician completes a survey at the end of every shift to validate outcomes and ensure a high level of engagement with your team. 


We can provide the services. You can provide the services. Or both. We learned a long time ago you can’t build scalable clinical programs when you are fighting turf wars.

While most of our clients need physicians and specialty services, we also work with hospitals that have the doctors, but need the technology and clinical program development to get telemedicine off the ground. 

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?