Built by physicians for the ideal patient encounter.


We’re doctors who sought to add telemedicine to our practice, but the leading systems didn't work the way we wanted to - as physicians.

Inspired by surgeons making their own tools, we decided to create our own cart.

First, we assembled the most cost-effective and reliable components that mirror how we practice. Next we integrated them into the Access Cart and Access Station, and now we support them with a 24/7 team of health IT professionals and clinical sense of urgency. 

Everything is professional grade yet HIPAA-compliant, clinician-tested and doctor-approved.


Access CART





We chose the Apple iMac because it features industry-leading ease of use, a best-in-class display, sleek design with superior reliability, stability and durability. The Apple environment offers a continuous platform, with automatic updates we manage to maintain up time, and robust compatibility, software and driver connections.


We're driven to deliver timely, quality care to patients in need, so we work relentlessly to take cost out of the Access Cart and pass that savings on to you.


The Access Cart provides secure, HIPAA-compliant, end-to-end, 256-bit streaming encrypted video communication. Nothing is stored, so there’s no need to worry about privacy, confidentiality, storage or security maintenance.

>99.9% up time

Because getting timely medical treatment saves lives.

24/7 Support with a Clinical Level of Urgency

Call, day or night, and one of our U.S.-based, Health IT Professionals will answer. No ticketing, no delay. Our issue resolution time is currently 7 minutes or less.

These Health IT Professionals answer to physicians, which means we hold them accountable for outcomes just like the care we provide. And, like our physicians, they are proactive, checking the cart before and during each shift, and taking care of any software upgrades and other scheduled maintenance, avoiding extra pressure on your own IT crew. 

Direct eye contact

Great care starts with great communication, and that begins with eye contact. The high definition iMac displays the physician life-size, putting their eyes at normal height.


State of the art pan/tilt/zoom cameras mean our physicians can read 12-point font at 15 feet. We use a cloud-based, HD videoconferencing system for natural, two-way communication. By simply looking at the screens, you remove the need to plug in any other devices to the cart. It's just one less thing you have to worry about during moments of critical care.


An omnidirectional microphone sends the sounds in the room to the physician, while the iMac provides booming audio, so the physician’s questions and directives can be easily heard by patients of all ages.


The physician can remotely control the camera to zoom in or out, providing an immediate, visual read on the patient, their care team and any diagnostic equipment or medical devices in the room.


The stethoscope, otoscope, ophthalmoscope store neatly in the cart drawer and integrate with via USB, which allows the physician to listen to the heart and lungs remotely with crystal clear audio.

No-click launch

Start up is effortless with no clicks needed by your on-site staff to start an encounter



Our physicians use their own laptops and mobile phones, authenticating through secure, browser-based software to join the telemedicine encounter.

Pre-Launch Viability Assessment

Our technology and network infrastructure experts perform an on-site review. Collaborating with your IT team, we determine that the cart will work in each environment.


After the assessment, all we require is permission to connect to your enterprise network. We handle the rest. Meaning zero launch headaches for your IT team.


The cart runs smoothly over most facility wifi connections - the minimum recommended speed requirement is just 1.5Mbps up/down. Our IT Viability Assessment will guarantee your in-house connections are optimal.


With two ways to connect, two ways to hold an encounter, and an integrated uninterrupted power supply, the Access Cart features multiple layers of redundancy. It can be moved without powering down, and will remain operational for over 45 minutes during a power outage. 

Small, rugged footprint

The Access Cart fits the latest technology into a small, rugged package. Easy to move safely with premium, hospital grade reel casters, when not in use it takes up less than 3 square feet of floor space.


All surfaces of the cart, drawer and peripherals can be wiped down. The cart itself features an antimicrobial coating to combat infection by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and mildew. 

How much can you save while increasing access to exceptional care?